MotorCircus and the AirForceOne

One year after our glorious MissionSouth we visit our social project in The Gambia (Aerzte Helfen e.V.) for important maintenance work.

What a luck to say hallo to the german Mr. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier who visit the country and the little ASB clinic with our dentalunits. A few moments later we sit in the German Air Force Luftwaffe with a drink and a good conversation about our motorcycle adventures. 


Flash for Fantasy

The 24h Art Project! Inspired by Billy Idol.

The Chase

SavannaRide in Senegal

Just for fun, because it was fun...a lot of fun!


Work in progress

Trucker Caps for all the PetrolHeads out there. Maybe soon in our shop. Stay tuned.

BMW Motorrad Days 2017

MissionSouth RoadMovie

MissionSouth Premiere

A great premiere in our beloved Roadrunners Paradies. Thank you all for this great evening. We are speechless!

Photocredits: Martin Sebald Thanks dude!

MissionSouth Trailer

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